Current COVID Protocol for Teachers, Quarantine/Home Isolation/Self-health Management

Case numbers are going up. The government is changing the way that they handle things and the protocol. However, current protocol is very difficult to find. Look on CECC I found the guidelines set from May 2021. I can’t be the first or the last person searching for answers of what we should do. This isn’t so much about your judgement call of what you should be doing. The real question is, “What is the current protocol for teachers in direct or indirect contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?”
A friend was informed that a student at their school has tested positive. It wasn’t his student but video footage shows the student entered their room without any contact. So what’s the protocol?
Is there need for quarantine / self care / isolation?
Can they get a PCR test?
Let’s keep this away from what we think people should do, and just leave this as a resource for the existing protocols and updated protocols as they come.


The anecdote I have for this is two positive cases at a buxiban in Kaohsiung. All staff and families were mass PCR tested last Thursday. All staff put into immediate 10-day isolation after the PCR test. Unclear to what degree families and students were quarantined. Staff will PCR test again tomorrow and be released from quarantine at midnight.

My guess is this directive came from Kaohsiung city government before case numbers jumped significantly.

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Were the two positive cases staff members?

I doubt they put all the students and families in isolation. That’s a lot of people. We would have seen sad pictures of kids getting on buses.

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Sorry, they were afternoon students.

Very strange that all staff had to isolate then. I mean I’m sure some of the teachers didn’t even come into contact with those kids.

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published 06.05.2020

" a nearby quarantine location" um…

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