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Just how many current members are there? According to the stats there are like 5886. That seems like a friggin’ lot. And our milestone is “only” 120 online at the same time. So where are all these people? I’m guessing there must be alot of inactive members, so my question is, do the mods ever preen or maintain the current member list?

This should answer your question: :slight_smile:

[Account deleted? Unable to log-in?


Well from those links I can gather that people agree that the number of active users isn’t nearly as high as the numbers suggest, and the last time admin tried to prune the accounts the system screwed up and some people got deleted who shouldn’t have got deleted.

We prune users regularly
, but what is supposed to get removed are
a) people who have registered but never activated their accounts,
b) people who haven’t logged in in over a year, and
c) people who have less than one post in a thousand days…[/quote]

I thought that answered your question. :s

There will most likely be a prune in the next few weeks…

I just searched and there’s no user called ‘prune’ yet. When is he/she going to join?

Currants, prunes…is there a raisin for this thread?


Have I mentioned recently how very much I enjoy this site and value greatly the effort put out by all mods and admins that make it function properly?

You guys and gals are waaaaay cool. :slight_smile:

Man my lips are tired.

You can get suspended for butt-kissing. It happened to me once.