Current rate info?


I have searched around and read various websites looking for this information. Much of it is dated. I’m interested to know what the going pay rates are for the following for the Taipei area (June 2004):

  1. First EFL job?

  2. Experienced EFL teacher?

  3. Business English teaching (if significantly different)?

  4. Private lesson/tutoring (per hour)?

I know that “it depends” (doesn’t everything ;-). Please provide what you can.


First job 600 per hour and NO LESS!
Private 800 and no less (if its after teaching hours)
Experienced, I guess it depends on how needy the school is.

If you’re friendly, presentable, speak Chinese, and are experienced, you should be able to get at least 800 for corporate classes, and 1000 for privates. No experience, no Chinese, and a too-casual demeanour will get you less lucre. Jobs and/or privates that are willing to pay over 1000 exist, but they’re harder to find. Your mileage may vary.

I’ve been “teaching” for years, and I charge NT$500-600 an hour for privates. My school pays me NT$600/hr for adult classes.

Privates - depends on where you live. In Taipei, follow Maoman’s advice of 800 and up. Almas John, on the other hand, lives in Jiayi, where there aren’t as many well-off Taiwanese, so he only charges 500-600. In Yunlin County, a freshly slaughtered pig or chicken will do.

Great info, especially the news that I can look forward to payment in pork and chicken. :wink: Thanks!

No, seriously. Back when I had…delightful…opportunity to work in a small town in Yunlin County (the name of which transliterates to “tiger tail”), a friend had one of his private students’ folks take him out for dinner. They wanted to give him a gift and asked if he wanted a chicken. My friend said sure. One of the relatives brought a fresh chicken out from the coop, still squawking, and chopped its head off right there in the restaurant while everyone was still eating. My friend said that the weirdest thing was nobody else in the joint so much as batted an eye.

Mod Lang wrote:

So you worked in Huwei? Wow, I lived in the nearby town of Tounan for several years and sometimes made drinking forays into “Tiger Tail” territory. What school did you work at?

I actually worked in Tuku, a small town - village, actually - about 5 or 10 minutes’ drive from Huwei. I worked at the Catholic highschool there (that should narrow it down, as there are only two highschools in Tuku and one of them isn’t Catholic).