Current status of China links

We have all been so focused on the protests, and the bad things about a closer relationship between China and Taiwan, however what is the current status on the cross strait relationship, IE what is happening. In other words, what’s the current answer to the following questions:

When can I get on a plane to Shanghai, and be back here before dinner?

When can I ship products from China to here, and consolidate them in with ex. Taiwan products here?

When can I get a visa to China here?

The first two are easy.

You can get on a plane Now to Shanghai and be back in time for dinner - tomorrow.

You can ship stuff from China to Taiwan directly through Fujian province on shipping boats and relabel it as made in Taiwan

You got me on the 3rd one but you can get one in 24 hours once you land in HK right?

That would be 7 hours, actually.

That was 7 hours or did they change it back to normal after the games are over now?