Current XBox 360 gamers

Hey all,

I thought that we needed a current game post for XBox 360 gamers out there. What’s everyone currently playing or have played? Currently, I’m playing Fable 2 and Prince of Persia. I just went out tonight and picked up copies of Rainbox 5 Vegas (I know it’s old but never played it before), Warhammeer Battle March. 007 Quantum of Solace, and Rise of the Argonauts. I just finished playing Fallout 3, Call of Duty World at War, Gears of War 2, and Far Cry 2.

I’ve finished Fable 2 (well at least the main story and loads of the side quests) and am eagerly awaiting the expansion. Played a bit of Fallout 3, but found it better on the PC. Waiting to have the console replaced now as it RROD on me earlier this week…
Not big on Gears of War, quite liked Assasins Creed, but the control system is a bit bodged.
The girlfriend plays Guitar Hero II/III(?)… she’s actually quite good considering she’s got a really old crappy guitar for it :smiley:

On the rare occasions that I can wrest the 360 away from the wife (who uses it as a DVD player), I’m working my way through Ninja Gaiden II on Mentor. It’s pretty ridiculously hard. Dogs with katanas in their teeth who throw exploding shurikens. I mean, come on.

Busy struggling through Dead Space. Just finished GTA4 and Fable 2. Bought Fallout 3 but haven’t started yet. Oh please give me a new Halo or Final Fantasy! Ninja Gaiden 2 is fkin hard! Call of Duty World at War is awesome. Oh, and we need a new Bioshock. Loved that game. Anybody keen on temporary trades? I’ll list mine if yer up for it.

I would be up for some trades. What do you have? I can list mine later as I have over 100 games I think. I loved Dead Space. I finished it pretty quickly though. As for Ninja Gaiden 2, I almost broke my controller over it. I played the first boss in the burning building for 3 weeks and still can’t beat him so I gave up. Mind you, he is the boss of the FIRST LEVEL.

I only tried Ninja Gaiden II on normal… I guess that’s why it wasn’t so hard, but the game frustrated the hell out of me, as you keep falling down too often when you have to climb walls etc. I can list up some more games here as well later.

I have XBox, XBox 360 and PS2. Want me to list those games too? A ball-breaking task, but well worth it if we’re all into sharing.

Anyone know when Halo 2 will come out as an XBox Original on XBox live? I’ve bought the original Halo for XBox here in Taiwan and it was in English but Halo 2 for the XBox is in Chinese. I would love to find a copy of Halo 2 in English. Also, everyone needs to take a look at Prince of Persia. The visuals are amazing and the gameplay is very fun.

Yeah, my Halo 2 is also in Chinese. Anyone know how to get hold of Final Fantasy 12 in English?

What is Final Fantasy 12? I played Final Fantasy 7 back on the PSOne and it was an amazing game. I thought all the Final Fantasy games were all on playstations and not on X-Box 360 as the new one (13) will be on the 360 and it comes out sometime in 2009.

Yeah Final Fantasy on PS. FFX took me took me about 6 months to fully complete. FFX1 is on-line so never did it. Bought FF12 but it’s all in Japanese. Can handle Halo in Chinese, but an RPG in Japanese! Impossible. It looks awesome though. FF13 on XBox 360? Can’t wait!