Curry Night V

Many moons ago, Buttercup and I organised some Curry Nights for Forumosa people. I’ve been chatting to a few people and there’s a will to restart them - good food, good conversation, good people (and Irishstu), so here it is: Curry Night V.

[b]Saturday 25th July 7pm

6, Alley 5, Lane 70, Yanji St, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2773 3227[/b]

It’s close to Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station, as you can see on this map:

We’re going back to an old favourite, mainly because the quality is reliable, it’s central and easy to get to, there’s space for us all, and we can go to Hell’s Kitchen afterwards for a sly pint or two…

Speaking of booze, Aaleja has a bring-your-own policy, so stock up on your way to dinner.

Either post below or drop me a PM to sign up. Attendees so far:

• Taffy
• Maoman
• cfimages
• Funk500 (maybe)
• fee

• Taffy
• Maoman

not me …sorry … would have, but can’t

Rats. Have graduation performances that night. :frowning:

taffy, does this indian joint have lime pickles and how would you rate their vindaloo? the guy at trinity indian store told me there is no good indian here in taipei so last time i had it was in singapore :frowning: now i just make my own.

I’m in.

Attendees so far


I won’t lie to you - Singapore’s Indian restaurants are much better than those here. As Indian restaurants in Taiwan go, though, Aaleja is a good one, as long as you stay away from the buffet.

I haven’t had the Vindaloo at Aaleja (I tend to go for the moderately spicy stuff myself), but I’ve enjoyed the other dishes I’ve had there. I’m no connoisseur, but they have a good range of curries, properly made with different sauces (not one base sauce which is then flavoured, unlike some other places in Taipei).

Anyway, I’d say these occasions are only partly about the food - it’s also a good chance to get out and meet new people. Join us!

Maoman, cfimages - are you coming by yourselves, or is your +1 coming too?

I’ll be solo. Mrs cfi will be at her schools graduation.

Bugger. Still, a post-performance drink at Hell’s Kitchen wouldn’t be completely out of the question, would it?

Can I come?

Only if you promise to leave the marmoset at home. Bloody thing wreaked havoc last time…

Only if you promise to leave the marmoset at home. Bloody thing wreaked havoc last time…[/quote]

I’ve told you before, Misty ain’t a two bit marmoset. She’s a macaque ! :fume:

So that was what was in the curry. :aiyo:

I would go. I second the motion that the food quality is inconsequential. It is about getting out there and having a face to face. I still rate the tipple with Tom as one of my all time fav nights in Taipei and I left early with ToeSave cos I was so shitted.

I only met IrishStu cos he didn’t believe Loretta was really there in AlleyCats that one night. And I thought the bugger sounded Scottish. :noway:

And as for for falling in love with Roach… that was a Heineken affair in Carnegies.

And Sandman and the chief… well, that was a date rape drug, but I have not pressed any charges.


And as for for falling in love with Roach… that was a Heineken affair in Carnegies. [/quote]
What’s not to love about dear Mr Roach?

[quote=“jimipresley”]What’s not to love about dear Mr Roach?[/quote] He charms the laydees by using a certain word with obscene regularity. Other than that, a fine fellow.

Funk - are you going to grace us with your presence? What about Lady Funk?

It’s just me, Taffy. Vanessa is going to stay at home and bake cookies or something.

I’ll be able to let you know by Thursday… but probably just me