Hi all,

Where can I find curtains? I am looking for dark curtains that do a good job blocking out sunlight. IKEA and Working House didn’t have what I was looking for…

Help!!! :help: Thanks!

Are you on the east side of Taipei? I can get you the address of a shop in Donghu that specializes in curtains. If you’re on the west side, you might try the seamstresses at the Fabric Market at Dihua St.

dude! sweet! I live in Donghu! where abouts is the shop? Mega thanks!

I’ll have to have a look to get the address, and I can’t guarantee you’ll like their prices or choices of material. Roughly, heading away from Taipei on Donghu Rd., you’ll reach a Y intersection with the right fork going over a small bridge into Xizhi; the left is the beginning of Kangle Ave. Follow the latter and the shop is only a very very short way on your left. You can see curtain-like things in the window.

I’ll still have a look for the address for you and post it here shortly. Not sure they’ll have black though – that’s not the style here. Expect lots of cream, beige, white and earthy colors with or without frills, if you know what I mean. Many of their fabrics are very very heavy, though, and should block the light for you. People who don’t want black curtains (pretty goth, no?) use a double layer, with one heavy enough to block the light.

I don’t think they’ll let you bring your own fabric, as most of their profit is from the materials, not the labor. I believe I asked once. Years ago.

If you’re dead set on black, a couple trips to Dihua St. should do it. Or you could ask a seamstress on Kangle Ave. – she’s just another block or so east of the above shop, next to (I think) lane 48; there’s a scooter shop on the left, then lane 48, then a bus stop; she’s between lane 48 and the bus stop. I’ll try to get her address for you too. She’s open M-Sat 9a-7:30 (in theory), and her cell is 0911-432-919 (Chinese only). You could give her the window measurements, ask her how much fabric to buy, then make one trip to Dihua St., and bring the fabric to her.

Feel free to send my your contact info by PM if you want to meet up, since we’re neighbors. :slight_smile:

Here’s the detailed info: the seamstress I mentioned in Donghu is at #52, Kangle Av.
The curtain shop is nearby at roughly number 20, right next to the post office; the phone numbers are 2631-7416, and 2630-7645.

I need a pair of curtains, and I want to have a nice material for it (Ikea won’t do).

Is there a place in Taipei city who has materials I can select & can make nice curtains to specified size?

top floor of the Di Hua Gie textile market (a fair way north i think) about fifth floor. miles to choose from, made on the premises, styles limited by your imagination… and pretty cheap.

Must be this one: …the textile market in Yong Le Building on Dihua Street(台北市迪化街一段永樂商業大樓)

Anyway, thanks, I’m going to check it out!

Fixed the Chinese address