Custard powder

I want to make iced yo-yos/melting moments and the recipe calls for custard powder. Does anyone know where I can get this?

I know that I can make custard with eggs, milk, sugar etc but I actually need the powder, rather than the real thing.

Yes, they sell it in DIY baking stores … near and around Dihua street, and some other places in Taipei and Taipei county …

I always buy the ‘Birds’ brand …

Jasons in Taipei and Tienmu, Far Eastern Hotel Supermarket (B2) Dunhua S. Rd.

The Minquan bridge DIY baking store has it, 300g for only $90.

[quote]義興材料行 (‘the Minquan bridge store’)
Fujin St., Lane 574, #2. Phone 2760-8115 or 2765-4181
Heading east on Min2quan2 E. Rd. toward the bridge to the Neihu Costco, as you cross the last small street (Fuyuan Jie, I believe) with a signal, stay in the far right lane; take it as it remains a small surface road to the right of the Minquan bridge, rather than going up onto the bridge. Go about a block, past a Buddhist supply shop and tire shop, and turn right onto a small residential street, 富錦街. Go one short block and the store is on your left, the only store in the midst of residences. Closed Sundays.[/quote]