Custom-made acrylic boxes (proofing box)?

What kind of shops do custom acrylic boxes here? AnimalsTaiwan had a collection box made, and some food sellers have them to cover food; others collect receipts for various causes.

Is it just any old signage shop, or are there special outfits making these?

I am thinking of having an acrylic proofing box, 55cm long, 36 wide and 15 high made to keep dough from drying out and for temperature control while proofing bread.

I proof dough in the oven set at the lowest temperature. Don’t know if that would work as well for you, or if you’re following some very specific set of instructions.

No, I’m following some specific instructions to proof at room temperature and also in the refrigerator, as a longer, slower fermentation produces better flavors. Plus the lowest setting in my oven gets too hot.

I’m using an inverted cardboard box now, but would like something more durable, washable and transparent. With cardboard, there’s only so many times you can mist it on the inside (for a humid proofing environment) before it starts molding. I’ll use a lidded plastic box if I find one the right size, but so far I haven’t found just the right one.

Hmmm…first classical Chinese, then modding here, then searching for just the right box for proofing bread dough…do you think it possible you have a little too much free time, just maybe? :smiley:

:noway: One can never have too much free time.

There are so many websites where you can buy custom box makers. But most companies quilty is not on standers. Custom Box makers are one the best websites/company where you buy custom boxes with good quality.