Custom Made Folding Carton/Box

Sometimes called ‘Mailer’ Carton or Box

looks like this:

One piece, no glue or tape required.

I know there are places around that have CNC type machines where they can type in the box dimensions and spit out 1 or 200 of these things fairly easily. I just don’t know where these places are.

Any contacts/locations appreciated.

Maybe you can try this:

Or yahoo bid: … jyy_liu168

We use the company wisher found you on yahoo (easyget), I have found them good to work with.

I have also had boxes custom-made, you can see the box here (right-hand side, “packaging”):

You can call Miss Yeh, tel 2557-5447 and show them a sample of what you would like, they are located near Taipei Main Station.

Thank you both for your help. I will follow up on these. :notworthy: