Custom made packaging (plastic & wood) for retail products

Hey, I’m looking for a manufacturer(s) of:

  1. Custom made plastic moldings for products…basically like the one’s you see protecting anything you see at any store anywhere in the world. Like the kinds protecting stuff like G.I. Joe’s, transformers, batteries, electric razor blades, etc… I’m hoping to find a company somewhere in Taiwan to do this at industry standard prices. I’ll buy in bulk. True business to business (B2B) kind of thing.

  2. Custom made wooden boxes designed for a particular product. Type of wood doesn’t matter, but I’d prefer a thinner type. My guess is that it wouldn’t be cost effective to purchase in Taiwan, so if you know a company in China, Vietnam, India, etc…then I’m all for it. Again, I’ll buy in bulk. B2B.

Thanks to anyone for any leads! My new business is going well, but I need PACKAGING! :smiley:


panda’s the man :sunglasses:

What are your quantity requirements for the blister packing and are there any material requirements for recycling?

Ok, guess my order quantity isn’t quite large enough…so still looking. (Thanks anyway Panda! I’ll keep you in mind in the future.)

Any other leads?


[quote=“ozzo”]Ok, guess my order quantity isn’t quite large enough…so still looking. (Thanks anyway Panda! I’ll keep you in mind in the future.)

Any other leads?


Just curious what sort of order qty are you looking for ? and what sort of product is it ? interesting that you are looking for specifically wood & plastic…

I’ve got two new products, dog collars, that don’t come with packaging. (My business is pet supply distribution) One particular collar is hand painted, so I don’t want to sell them ‘as is’ and have them just hanging unprotected. So I think some sort of hard/semi-hard plastic container would be suitable. The other is a high-end collar for dogs/cats. For this particular collar, I feel a wooden box (thin & cheap, but looking nice) branded with the product info would help give it a higher quality feel to it; thereby, helping to justify the higher price attached to it.

Order quantity… Not sure if either product will sell well, so I’d like not to order too many for the first run. I’ll pay a higher price if necessary, no prob. But if they do relatively well, then I’ll order roughly 1000 for each size (4 to 6 sizes). Problem is, market in Taiwan isn’t huge…so even if they sell GREAT, that still wouldn’t be a huge amount.

Basically, that’s it. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has some.


I am not sure for wooden container/box, but for blister packing, you should get away with paying the tooling/mold cost, and 1000pcs. Prices are depending on size and how advanced.

How about jewelry packaging? I only know where to jewelry packaging in Taipei but if you come up here once in a while I can give you the address (I’ll need to find the card).

Handpainted collars and high-end collars… they should be small enough to fit into bracelet boxes.

I always have similar problems with small quantities. If you want a million of something in Taiwan its not a problem.

Suggest a strong plastic bag and have a header card made up that you clip to it. The sort you fold over and it has holes for display.

You can do this cheap and look professional at the same time.

I have opened many tools/ molds for PVC blisters of many different shapes and sizes and the factories have always asked for at least 10-20K for each injection run. The reason is that it takes them a lot of time to calibrate the injection machines to each particular mold and then they have alot of waste during the calibration process. As the blisters are very cheap, they need to do a reasonable quantity to make back their cost of time and material. If you paid for the mold/tooling and then paid a very high price per piece then maybe they would do it. But you would probably pay at least 4 -5 times the regular price.