Customs fee on packages from

Has anyone ever ordered from B&H photo? Did you get hit with an import tax? I’m looking at getting some gear there cheaper than here, but not sure if it’s smart or not. I once ordered a food processor, and Taiwan charged me more than the item itself was worth just to receive it. I"ve also gotten huge fees on orders fro, but only about one in three orders? Is there any rhyme or reason to any of this?

The magic number seems to be around US$100 / NT$3000. If you’re over that amount, you’re likely to get hit, especially if you’re using a private company delivery service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc). Deliveries made via standard air mail have a better chance, in my experience, to get through without incident.


I have a couple of times. Generally smaller things not available in Taiwan so the total value has stayed low, and there’s been no tax.

Hmm yeah I"ve got a camera and some other goodies coming in valued at around $5000 US and I’m wondering if I should send it first to a friend in the states, and have them remove the invoices and put it all in a regular USPS box and send it. The shipping will be a lot higher this way, but avoiding a big importation fee would be worth it.

It’s true, I think every time I"ve paid a fee, I was shipping with DHL or Fedex. I can’t think of a time when it happened with USPS. Annoying, since USPS literally charges double what DHL and Fedex do : P

If only there were some way of knowing what the fees would be.

that NT3000 it’s for goods and SHIPPING, just got charged 30% from DHL because i went over 3000 with shipping included.

I received a package today and expected to pay import tax as normally if i would get something from abroad. So i was quite suprised that i didnt had to pay anything. Turns out the sender must have misdeclared the value … Obv this might work with some lesser known stuff (didnt even ask for that) but if you expect to get an Iphone or Camera through like this, not sure what happens as its kinda obv.