Customs recipient vs shipping address recipient (DPEX)

I ordered something small (about $20 value) from the US, and it’s shipping via something called DPEX. I don’t have a stable address, so I had it sent to my friend. Actually, my friend’s friend, since he was in the middle of moving.

Now DPEX is asking me to fill out a customs form with “Recipient’s” Chinese name, ID number, phone number, and postal code.

Can I put my name and ID number? I certainly don’t know or want to ask for my friend’s friend’s ID number… Also I don’t have a Chinese name…

I can’t tell if it matters if this info differs from the name and address the package is actually being sent to.

I don’t think they need your Chinese name…English name should be good enough. Make sure the name, ID, and phone number matches up for customs’ real name processing.

It specifically says “Recipient’s Chinese Name” though.

But I dunno if it can be mine at all, or has to be the person whose name is on the package for it to be delivered to. Like, is it related to the delivery, or it’s just for taking responsibility for what’s in the package?

It’s the person whose name is on the address.

Since the item is only $20, and officially they only start looking into stuff after 2000NT, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I have to enter something for an ID number though. So my only option to not worry about it would be to put in false info? I think they’ll hold the package until this is filled out

Probably just put in all your info to be safe. Just make sure everything matches up, because they use your phone number to see if that matches up your ID and name. Also try and use your name even if it isn’t in Chinese (it was probably intended to be default).

haha you’re being very contradictory. The package recipient is not me.

Sorry I was going back and forth on my phone.

Do you have a screenshot of what they’re asking you to fill out?

So to clarify, the issue is that I don’t even know the person that my package is going to. So I don’t really want to ask my friend to ask his friend to give me all this info

Looks like the message was originally intended for locals. I’d try giving DPEX a call or emailing them

Thanks, and ohhh they had texted me just a link to the form, but now I see they also emailed me, and the email says:

"For Non-Taiwanese citizen, please reply this email by providing the below, our representative will proceed shortly.

  1. Legal English Name
  2. ARC Number
  3. Commodity Description"