🛂 Customs - Taiwan | Importing candy/snacks

I mean in the context of legal-to-carry goods

Manufactured by Mars, for whom Taiwan is not a country. You’re lucky they didn’t reroute it to Taipei, China!

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Good point. My self-discipline being rather low, I usually just buy fresh fruits for sweet things.

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they probably took it home for personal use, it was some Japanese salad dressing with yuzu.

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I am 75kg/175cm, about 5kg over the recommended weight for my height

Did they arrive in semi liquid form?

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Ive always brought back a suitcase full of food from back home.

Not once did I stop at customs after picking up my luggage.

Get off the plane go through immigration, go get your bags, walk through customs through the nothing to declare exit.

Bob’s your uncle.

of course, only do this if you truly have nothing to declare.

Snacks, everday packaged food, sweets, etc dont need to be declared.



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just look at this site, tells what you need to know

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Thanks for all the help guys

I think it should be fine… unless candy is euphemism for some kind of drug…

I do this every year, I don’t bother with suitcases though and just pack everything in 3 cardboard boxes up to the absolute limit.

On Eva that’s 2 x 23kg plus an extra 20kg free from star alliance. Then you can get around 15kg in your hand luggage, coz they never weigh that either.

About half of that weight is due to all the glass containers, which is a right waste. But I do love my Nandos sauces :grin:


if not already mentioned, be more careful with certain meat products and country of origin. perhaps pork from China, beef from uk etc might have more issues that say skittles or chocolate bars.

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Too little of good is also shit

Just don’t be suspicious. Have no clothes and a suitcase full of chocolates tend to look VERY suspicious to customs. I mean just don’t go OTT on this.

You mean like thousands of individual sized packs of icing sugar?

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Strapped to your chest.

Are you going to take out orders :joy: I need vegan butter cups

Aren’t peanut butter cups already vegan? Chocolate sugar and peanuts, lol. Probably add a bunch of unnecessary animal fillers?

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Yup unnecessary milk :pensive: