📦 customs tax

I ordered something small from Hong Kong via FedEx and the weight is 1.1 pounds/0.5kg

Price was $4000ntd.

How much would I have to pay for customs tax?

If possible avoid FedEx and DHL. Normal post office ignores import taxation. :man_shrugging:

You have to pay specific import tax e.g clothes 30%, then add value of goods and that tax … then add additional 5% tax on top. Yes, you pay tax on the tax! :grimacing: #taxeption

Thanks, couldn’t remember the thread name

Note that import duty is on top of landed cost, that is product price + declared shipping cost. As @slawa stated, VAT of 5% goes on top of all of this.

To be fair, this is how most countries do it, but exemptions and enforcement differ.

My package was delivered to the guardsman in charge of the housing community I live in, and I did not pay another amount for anything.

It’s really a matter of luck.

It seems like it. The contents and shipping came to $134 so I doubt they added in any customs tax or whatever. Oh well, I will take this win with no complaints.

Avoid UPS they have same issue now.

New rules apply: this is from the DHL website translated into English by Google, but it’s understandable.

" Express consignee real name system


The Customs and Excise Department of the Ministry of Finance announced the start of the trial registration of the real name system of importers, limited to individuals (not including corporate legal persons), and can log in to the importer to hold the telephone number, personal identification number and Chinese and English names, addresses, etc. on the real-name registration platform. After the certification, the importer will import the low-priced items (the duty-paid price of NT$50,000 or less) in the future to use the registered telephone number, and the express delivery company will use the simple declaration one-way customs declaration to replace the ID number and speed up the customs clearance. .

Customs Department will be given three months, online registration for the name of the congregation, related system settings and related businesses, is expected to be low-cost taxable part of the data comparison with effect from 2018/09/21, please click here See the official website of the Customs and Excise Department for detailed instructions.

Since many details Customs Department is still in progress, so the details are not yet available, but what can be determined is during the trial period, the private import of goods and will not be delayed clearance, and the range is also set to low-cost taxable goods ; Please foreign Affairs sender to send goods delivery must fill in the recipient’s contact telephone number and mobile communications door is better , the further message to be, we will go notification."

The Mandarin version:

" 快遞收貨人實名制


財政部關務署公告開始 試辦 進口人實名制登記,範圍限定為個人(公司法人不在內),可於實名制登記平台登錄進口人持有電話號碼、個人身份證字號與中、英文姓名、地址等;經認證後,日後進口人進口低價物品(完稅價格新台幣五萬元以下)得以使用登記之電話號碼,經快遞業者使用簡易申報單向海關申報,用以取代身份證號碼,加速貨物清關。


​由於關務署許多細部仍在進行中,故尚未公佈詳細資料,但可以確定的是於試辦期間,私人進口貨物並不會因此而延誤通關,且範圍亦設定為 低價應稅 的貨物; 請國外寄件人於交貨寄貨時務必須填入收件人的連絡電話且行動通訊門號為佳 ,待有進一步訊息時,將再通知。"

Anyone got the link to where I can check the different tariff rates on imports ?

Here you go!


Is stuff send through postal service still not taxed? Any recent experiences?

It can be. Just less likely. Large parcels attract attention too. So sometimes it’s good to break up orders into smaller shipments.

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