Cute Black Puppy Needs a Home!

We found this cute little guy sitting in the middle of the road and rescued him home. Even though he’s really cute and sweet, we can’t keep him because we’ve got three dogs already. We’re finding him a new home, a new owner who would give him a lot of love as he deserves it. This puppy is a male, about 3 months old, and we brought him to the vet for health check. The vet said he’s in good condition except being a little bit skinny. Here’re the pictures: … &next=9154

We’re leaving for the States for 2 weeks on Sunday (10/5) and really hope to find him a home before we leave. [color=#BF0080]We will go to Jian-Kuo Flower Market on Saturday noon and will stay there until 4 p.m to see if anybody wants to adopt him. [/color]Please, if you are interested in it, come and meet this cute little guy, and I promise you’ll fall in love with him immediately!!

If we can’t find anyone to adopt him before we leave on Sunday, we’ll check him into a dog hotel along with our dogs and see what we can do when we come back.

Feel free to call if you’re interested:

0986-400-015 Stacy