"Cute" is the new "sexy." Get used to it!

“Cute” is the new “sexy.”

“Sexy” has been rightfully demoted to “slutty.”


Your opinions?

Wow, I couldn’t even make it through. Her voice is just horrible.

I couldn’t make it all the way through either…for different reasons :wink:

At least we have new RickRoll material now.

I can imagine my daughters thinking that is cute.

My daughters are 7 and 9.

I can’t imagine anyone over 14 enjoying that video.

Sexy? Cute is the new sexy?! No. Cute will only ever be sexy for pedos.

This is like in the fashion industry, when they say (some non-black color) is the new black . . . It never is.

she looks mildly autistic. is it ethical to profit off the handicap?

You have to distinguish between “puerile cutesy” and cute. There are plenty of xiaojie you could describe as ‘cute’, without anything negative about it, just as some gals will refer to this or that guy as ‘cute’.

Good first effort. The next Jolin (in a few years)?

Shes from China or Taiwan?

I guess if I was 18 I might get excited (maybe).

20 something Asian girls are THE BOMB.

Shes just a kitten. Not a cat yet.

youtube.com/watch?v=EiLbQ70N … re=related

Asian cosplay with Origa ,much better.


brazilians do it better?

I thought one of the back-up dancers was hot (nice shapely legs). She’s on the far left when they’re all wearing “daisy dukes” (around 0:48-50) and again in the school girl uniforms she’s to the singer’s immediate left (right from your perspective at around 1:02-11).

I also thought the rocking horse bit and bouncing on the ball was rather sexual. I’d imagine that away from the cameras she may have promise. :smiley:

Someone gave us a DVD for the baby that is full of these “unfinished” wee girls. He loves it! Weird thing is, the girls are all in these ultra miniskirts and you can see their coozes when they kick their legs and suchlike.
Definitely pervoid country. As is that video. Its pedo-land, folks.

This isn’t new, it’s always been like that. Cute schoolgirls are to Oriental culture what hot college coeds are to North American culture. North Americans just like their sex objects to be about a decade older.

Tommy, she is only 17 and is from Taiwan.

Her rise to fame was the video game commercial and energy drink commercial in which she makes the big “eyes” bounce up and down. The ones that caused the feminists to come out storming not to long ago.

Anyway, her fame is quickly diminishing since she now refuses to flaunt those “eyes” as much as she did in the past, hence, pissing off the producers.

As well she refuses to jump up and down any longer, instead dancing normally. The producers are pissed at this, but she says her mother is even more pissed so that is why she is being more conservative these days. I don’t blame her mother one bit.

Actually, I just looked her up: she’s 19. Her “stats” are at the bottom of this page.

Oh, and while that page isn’t exactly porn, it’s not exactly safe for work either. You’ve been warned.

To each his own. She has a nice pair but she doesnt really turn me on. I get far more excited at least once every five minutes at Chongshiao/dunhwa MRT . There are many TW girls far more sexually attractive to me then her. Shes actually kinda plain. NOt bad in anyway of course, perhaps an 8 on a 1 to 10 but shes not a 10 or even a 9.

That said, good for her, shes trying to make a few bucks, using what shes got. This music vid of hers is pretty good. The song is catchy and she didnt do a bad job with it, sang well (enough) and danced well enough, pretty good I thought. The backup singers are way older and they shouldve used younger backup girls. They look kinda ridiculous dressed like 16/18 year olds when they are probably mid to late 20s (the singers). And good that shes not doing all those bug eyed looks. It doesnt look good to have freakishly large bettybop eyes.

The vid is kinda pedo. If she wants to project an “underage” look, its probably better not to be too sexual, better to be cute (in a nice way).

But with a few minor tweeks, I think the vid and song isnt bad. I think its doing well in Taiwan too. Now if she could actually sing (like Cindy Wang).

If the dancers and her are all 18/20 and act a bit less cute, I think we would have a better vid.

edit: she may not be 18 or 19 in all of those pics. That last one has a date on it and its 2004 when that pic was taken and she was only 14.

so yes someone is exploiting or was exploiting her “pedo-bility” before. But good for her if (now that shes not underage) she can use her fame to her benefit. Cash in.

youtube.com/watch?v=Y-tbhOK1 … re=related

This on the spot interview was done when she was only 18 and on her way to school. Her father died when she was much younger and her mother works at a stall at the local wet market. Her income from modelling is the main support for her whole family, including her younger siblings. At the time of the interview she was making 30,000nt a month (about) which was much better then the 3000nt/month she had been making.

This girl comes from a tough background. I wish her much success.

Her vid has spawned a lot of interest in Taiwan and Singapore (according to the youtube map thing) but most of the comments on the vids were negative or highly negative.

Shes now 19 and has a whole family to support.

Not an easy position to be in.

Actually, I just looked her up: she’s 19. Her “stats” are at the bottom of this page.

Oh, and while that page isn’t exactly porn, it’s not exactly safe for work either. You’ve been warned.[/quote]
Nice. :thumbsup:

Interesting how they entered her vital-ist of stats in bold (pink) and large type… lol

There’s nothing new about this. Look at Japan. The lolita complex (there called lolicon) is an enormous part of East Asian culture. They far prefer a girl to be cute than sexy because of the virginal, innocent implications. To Asian men, virginity and being the first to spoil a woman is a big deal. There are other aspects to this but you can guess at them just fine by yourself.

That being said, this girl has nice tatas and I would like to take them to a movie sometime. She’s 19, by the way.

heres one for ya:

youtube.com/watch?v=bwOoZY5H … r_embedded

and another:

youtube.com/watch?v=oBWcIcEt … r_embedded

and one more:

youtube.com/watch?v=r5y86GMV … r_embedded