Cute new hotel in Penghu? … re=related

Looks pretty nice, anyone been there? Its a new minshu (small hotel?)

I can’t linky the link cuz my laptop is rotten, but Penghu is the best getaway in Taiwan. Most dreamy beach experience I ever had (mind I was surrounded by five girls).

Great temples - and I’m templed-out. There’s even an underground temple.

Worth a weekend or three days.

I have great pics of the joint but they’re backed up on a CD 5000 miles away.


Did look nice, but god I had to turn the volume down as the hostess was making my brain implode. I think I lost 10 IQ points though she is damn cute. But seriously, did she learn to act at the Happy Marrian School of Ke’ai Gestures?

Ya I know, shes practicing to be a VJ , but unlike Nonie she is not nice to listen to. Gosh I would divorce her.

Looks pretty nice, anyone been there? Its a new minshu (small hotel?)[/quote]
I stayed there a year or two ago, while the restaurant was still under construction. The owners were really nice and friendly. The husband had designed the main house himself. He said it was hard to combine the mediterranean theme with the feng shui required. Very into living his dream and architecture. His wife was lovely as well.
Stayed in one of the blue and white beach cabins and really enjoyed it. Would have liked to check out the Sun Room above the main house, but it was booked at the time.

(p.s. Thanks for the warning to turn down the volume for that video. It shows mostly the host, and much less of the hotel.)

How much?

I can’t remember exactly. Reasonable, but certainly not cheap. I’ll try to find out.