We found a three month old pup near our house today. I have no idea how she got in, it’s a gated community and I’ve never seen another stray in here before.

Anyways she’s white with brown spots on both ears and one blue eye one brown.

I took her to the vet for some deworming/ticing but otherwise she is in great shape. Dr figures she’ll be about 15-20kgs fully grown.

I’ll post pics when I pick her up tomorrow but until then…please,please,please who wants her :help:

I think that most of the people who check this thread are animal lovers and already have several! Is there anywhere else I can post and try to find this little guy a new home?

Not the greatest pictures but she is really cute with her two different colored eyes!

what a cutie! Good luck…

Ugh…the little critter population of my household now includes two toddlers, baby on the way, two stray dogs,one stray kitten, two stag beetles, 4 fish and one poor caterpillar :noway:

I know how you feel…ever feel overwhelmed? Some days I think that if I could only look the other way my life would be so much easier…but then again…a good cuddle from a stray and seeing them fall asleep in a safe home, makes it all worth while…

hang in there! You and the caterpillar!

Ditto Battery9

Chaos!! I just keep dreaming of laying on the beach with cold beers in hand sometime in the future. I’ll probably find it too quite though :laughing:

As for the caterpillar, well, I convinced the kids it was time to let him go free so they took him to the backyard, lovingly placed him in the grass and watched him go on his way. About 3 little pillar steps until the cute little puppy ,aka killer ,gobbled him up. :braveheart: :scooby:

Oh and the puppys new name is Tofu for some reason only known to a three year old and I guess she’s staying unless someone feels sorry for me. :help:

My son was laying on the floor yesterday when the puppy ran over and nipped him. Now I understand that there was no viciousness intended but she bit him on the eye. We spent two hours in the ER and now we need to help the puppy find a new home ASAP.

My husband is all for sending her to the pound but I really don’t want to do that. On the other hand I don’t want my kids bitten again either.

Is there anyone that can offer her a home?

Who are those ladies that always sit by the flower market in Jianguo road? Maybe you can take it there? If I didn’t have my own ark I would have helped you out!!!

Thanks, I was thinking about taking her to Da-an tomorrow and see if I can convince somebody that they need another dog!