Cute puppy needing home fast

This little guy almost got hit by a car, so our security guard at our complex (in the mountain) tied him to a pole next to their little guard house. He can’t take him to his home, but thought someone may be interested. So someone got a bowl and started feeding him, another bought a little jersey for him at night.

But now some people on the first floor have complained…and the guard is scared that he may be fired for doing this. He untied the doggy, but of course he now doesn’t want to go back into the mountain.

If anyone knows someone that wants a dog, or wants to foster it for a while…please let me know. He is very gentle and cuddly.

Thank you:)

When will the people who like to see this kind of thing (guard helping a pup) learn to speak up and outvote the complainers? It bugs me that it only takes one miserable neighbour to have a much-loved community animal removed and/or killed.

Cute pup, though. Good luck!

yup, unfortunately most of the dog lovers only rent!

This morning they picked up our favorite neighborhood dog.(Definitely Happy’s family…) Many people came out to stop them, but nobody was willing to take him…so the catchers said they had to take him because someone complained and he doesn’t belong to anyone.

This makes me almost more angry. The dogs come out of the mountain because ppl feed them. But nobody picks up the poop…so ppl complain and they get taken away.

most animals would be so much better off if no people ever crossed their paths PERIOD.

:cry: So true.

I had a bad experience with a CNR - he liked being fed at the vet’s so much that after the recovery period he wouldn’t leave. He would slip in the vet’s door every time a customer came.
Hanging out at the restaurants next door. Not good for business. Now he has disappeared. I’m scared to ask.

… I assume the puppy is a normal dog, and barks a little bit? :s

Can you provide any recipes? :roflmao:

I’ll leave it to others to point out what a dick-ish comment that was.

It looks like the dogcatcher has been through the neighbourhood.
Several strays are missing as well as at least one dog that has a home. :frowning: