Cutest guys

Ladies, of all the male foreigners living in Taiwan, which nationality do you think has the cutest guys? I myself prefer Australians, what do you like?

Most of the foreign males I’ve met here were married or in a relationship, so not really to be considered “cute”. Besides, I’m not looking for anyone, so I probably don’t get that much hooked on looks. Those guys that I like here I like mostly because of their personalities :wink: :wink: :wink:


Thanks, Iris. :unamused: :wink:

Ouch, ouch, stop bashing me.

No, you guys are NOT ugly!

Friends again?? Please! :frowning:


As for me, as long as you have a great personality and avg. looking guy, you will def. win my heart! I don’t care if you are black, white, Aussie, Siggie, Assyrian, whatever… I like them ALL!! haha… :laughing:

Be careful, Miaka, as you’ve seen in your own thread, those guys really care about looks!! :shock: :? :wink:

Well, let them dandies be, and we’ll have a good time with those who are really worth it, won’t we? :wink:


Why am I posting in a “chick” thread - I need my head looked at. Anyone know a good shrink?

So, anyone seen the latest flick with Tom Cruise or Brad Pit in it?
Shite, there I go again. Out Demon Out!

Out Boss Hogg Out! :wink:

Who is Tom Cruise??? :?

Which one is that? Tommy is cute but he got a bad taste in women … :wink:


Yep yep, they are all about looks, so I guess they won’t be getting my pix. :laughing: Hey, I heard that u and your friend are going out tonight??!! I got the message. Ask ur friend to ck the email.

Ok, I fess up. I am a married man.

So I guess it IS true that all the best guys are taken.

Ok, I am ready to be taken away now, time for my medication.

Note: Boss Hogg is actually a 65 year old woman. Lives alone. Has never been married. Wears baggy pantyhose. And has that ever so pleasant old lady odor (Passion perfume mixed with the slight odor of urine - caused by incontinence). :wink:

Damn demon, I said OUT!

That’s me out of the running on both counts

Ouch. That brings back memories…let’s hope you never have to be an old lady…

Back to the question of fav foreign males…Japanese guys!

My girlfriend thinks Americans are the most handsome foreign males in Taiwan, particularly when her American takes her shopping for clothes and high-end cosmetics :laughing: .

When we were in KenTing last weekend, we remarked on how lucky we were that she had brought her own waiguoren, and I had brought my own Taiwan lamei. Saved a lot of time, really :wink: .

In Taiwan, Men don’t leave home without their American Express and Women don’t leave home without their Waiguoren.

British or Irish guys are cute too

Thank you

Just to keep things in unbiased perspective, guys in Taiwan sometimes leave home with their Waiguoren as well. :smiley:

Aw, matthewh, you’re a great guy…Don’t be so hard on yourself.
As far as my favorite kind of foreign guy, the kind that are available tends to stand out as a viable option, but there seems to be a shortage of them around here. :?

Conny, you do have the most impeccable taste. Have we, perchance, already met?

Though I don’t resemble either, I’d rather have the allure of a mature John Travolta (on a diet) than the pulling-power of an ever-so-pretty Brad Pitt or any of his ilk, as the girls I’m most drawn to generally favour the former over the latter.