CWB upgrades website

For those of you who regularly check the weather on the Central Weather Bureau website, I’m happy to say that not only have they upgraded the entire site (much more detail, user friendly) but we now have our beloved tidal prediction page back in English.

Check it out, it’s nice :sunglasses:

aaah… very nice… I had gotten into the habit of using the Chinese pages of since the English page was such a rough around the edges bargain basement version… we’re on an equal footing now, a bit cluttered, but cool… :sunglasses: now all they need to do is up their weather forcasting game from their current system of “look out the window and write down what you see”… :wink:

another useful tool is the twcam site… instead of trusting the weather forcasts, you can just look at the live web cam shot of the place you’re planning on going to and see for yourself… surprisingly for a Taiwanese government site, it isn’t down/broken too often…

2 very handy sites.
Thanks Gents

danke, i was still linked to the old one.

cool! :sunglasses:

I use this one alot, and find it especially handy when Tyhpoons are rolling in…Or, to wistfully glance at Pindong’s sunny weather when it’s pissing and cold up north.

slightly :offtopic: but I just noticed the new site is using some obscure mix 'n match blend of pinyin systems instead of the proper, world standard HanYu pinyin or for that matter their own slightly inbred TongYong system… This seems to be true for more and more government websites etc, obviously city names are a kind of “no man’s land” of common usage spellings now, but it seems they’ve just run up against the wall of common sense with implimenting their yokel pinyin system…

Here in Taichung we’ve just got nice new road signs all (mostly) with the correct International Standard HanYu pinyin… Glad to see that at least in Taichung they’re not sticking to their guns on this horrible TongYong backwater system… if only Garmin GPS maps would do the same, they use TongYong and this “Tai’ jhong” nonsense is irritating me no end… :s