Cyberbullying and Harassment in Taiwan — Josh Ellis Photography


The Public defamations laws really need to be changed.

I feel like we need to bring dueling back. People would shut their mouths and be nicer to each other if they knew they were real life consequences of being an asshole.

My thoughts on cyber bullying was basically “why don’t you just don’t go on social media” but it seems it’s more complicated than that with certain people who use it for their professional careers. Which really sucks.

I’ve had some bullies bully me when I was younger. Most people were kind when i immigrated to the US. But some people weren’t at school. It took some time before I learned to just stand up for myself. But this was easier as I can physically confront the bully. And after that, no one did anything to me again.

It wasn’t just the fact that I was able to take the bully down physically, even though the bully was actually bigger than me and a grade above me. I’m not saying that fighting someone is the solution. I think the result was that I felt a level of confidence in myself I didn’t before. Bullies target the weak, they sense it. So after that, I think the way I carried myself just did not make myself a target for cowardly people.

I don’t know what the solution is for cyber bullying though.

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I hate to break it to you, Andrew, but a duel is a fight.

Also, I have a 73 hour movie that can sort of explain why it’s a bad way to settle legal disputes, if you’re interested.

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That’s a long story, Tempo. Can you give us a tldr?

I would assume it’s fairly obvious that I’m not serious about two people dueling :person_fencing: to the death.

With online style harrassment it comes down to what what you said already but hybridized with andecent sensi insteuctionnon you can solve your disputea with words. When someone carries themself (be it physical, psychological or verbal) with cinfidence, logic and compassion but also without being a douche rarely if ever are bullies an issue. Bullies being bullies almost always tenx to be easy to manipulate mentally and thus the physical fight tends to be an outcome of both people somehow wanting to fight. Cyber bullying i have found to be the same.

For those of us who have to do this for work, it is more annoying as things like facebook are nice to juat not use in personal life. But even bullies/hecklers/assholes are pretty easy to take care of via facts and being polite (perhaps with a touch of humor and sarcasm).

People should probably go.outside more. Hours online doesnt do any good for the noggin. Idiota on social media should not affect a persons personal real life. If it does, it may be an indication of not having much of a real life (?).

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Some people are serious about it. Well maybe just a little. And it doesn’t seem to be totally illegal.

I’m pretty sure many of us can guess who the stalker is.

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Is it that weirdo that goes by his made up tribal name?

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You guys need to be more specific as I’m starting to suspect about 3 people :thinking:

The "Irish " travellers do the bare knuckle boxing to sort it out. Most people think it is barbaric I think it is a good custom.

It’s OK Crusher you can just call them Irish they are a unique part of Irish culture. :grin:

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If you’ve been in Taiwan long enough, you’ve likely seen photos or news stories of politicians posing in front of the court with their hands on a doorbell signifying that they’re getting ready to file a defamation lawsuit of some kind. Freedom House, which gives Taiwan a 9/30 for its ‘ Legal Environment ’ notes that Taiwan’s defamation laws “ are frequently exploited by politicians who wield them against their adversaries within the politically polarized media landscape ”. This callous behaviour and rampant misuse of the justice system has led to thousands of frivolous cases filed each year making most people in power feel like the law is a tool for silencing critics with unnecessary court battles.

I think the score is a bit misleading without explanation.

A 9/30 looks really bad but Freedom house operates on a scale of ‘lower is better’. You DON’T want marks.

This score is on par with the United Kingdom and outperforms Italy and South Korea.

It’s a story of a man’s cyberbullying on Twitter. That’s about it, but a good reminder how seriously defamation can be taken in Taiwan and some detailing of the legal aspects of it.

Not anyone I heard of! Photos of some tweets are shown, and the authors can be found in searches on Twitter

Or people might bully others to provoke a duel.

Really , so it’s not a famous ex poster here ?

Not as far as I know

Funny and I think only we two will get why I used “Irish” and not Irish.

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Of course it is


I love the bit where the police officer goes through the nonsense of processing the defamation claim and then basically says it’s that freak again, we’ll ignore it.

Not me!