Cycled into wrong tunnel

I screwed up today and accidentally cycled into the highway 9 tunnel. I need to report the police station in Suao tomorrow. Does anyone know the penalty? I feel bad for screwing up.

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Let’s practice in advance:

Pai sei pai sei! I didn’t know! I am really sorry to cause this trouble.

[best delivered with downcast eyes]



Probably just a warning.

What was the reason? Were you stopped by a cop?

If it’s because of poor or nonexistant signage or warnings, then it isn’t your fault.

Never mind

Are we talking about provisional highway 9 right now?

Last time I checked, all 450km of that road can be ridden from Taipei to Ping Tung on a bicycle without penalty.

If you accidentally ridden into the new Suao tunnels where cars are only allowed, that could be a problem…only of you were pulled over.

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It’s the new tunnels unfortunately… I forgot to check google maps and followed the shore line. I didn’t realize it would intertwine with the tunnel and went in. They didn’t write a fee on the ticket though and they did let me go afterwards, so I am not sure how serious it is.

Basically this. If he needs to report, he was obviously caught in person by police. The signage on the old coast road there is pretty shotty, so could probably win the yelling match. Not likely the new direct road you mentioned above. In that case say sorry, be the betta they so crave and forget about it.

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It won’t get you deported if that’s what you’re worried about.

You are not the first cyclist to accidentally ride onto places you were not supposed to go.

Don’t sweat it. You’ll know better next time.


C’mon man. Obviously i aint talkin bout no phish. Pass the hate on to Samsung Galaxy R&D department, thanx.

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So I guess that’s how they spell it in Korea. :rofl:


Guess so lol. Isnt betta the lattin name? Credit to the koreans for stealing ancient texts’ fish name…ahem…

If I were to make a guess no fine probably means a stern taking to. If they wanted to fine you I’d suspect they would have been able to right away.

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This is your second strike.

There won’t be a third.

Wait, scrub that. There’ll be a third.

That’ll be your last.

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You need to turn off Korean Autocorrect then.

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Once I was riding (motorcycle, red plate) from Taipei to Hualien, and by mistake I ended up in that big tunnel. At the end of the tunnel I had a handful of cops waiting for me, including 2 cars and 4 motorcycles. I stopped, I showed the google maps and I said I took the road by mistake. They just called a truck to remove my motorcycle from the highway and place it in a small road, so I rode back home. Nothing to worry, maximum you will pay a fee.


Went in today. Turns out I just had to pay 300 NTD. No explanation needed. In and out in 5 mins.


I was about to go off on you and demand a credit cause i wasnt saying shitty. Then i noticed i typed double ts not ds. For frick sakes, when will i catch a break?!?

As a matter of protest, still no apostrophes or capital is. Shit, that looks bad. No capital I’s. Dammit. Go away man, leave me be.

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