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Are you talking about the flandre?

One or two reviews say that the rear pockets are a little loose. Other than that it seems like a pretty solid jacket. Do you know if wiggle does free shipping on returns/exchanges?

Wiggle has free shipping if you pay more than X (can’t remember how much it is in NTD), and I’ve never had to return anything so I’m not sure about their procedure.
I don’t know specific jacket models because I don’t really wear them, but recently many people and websites have been giving good reviews to Sportful products. I think I’ve seen them advertised here in Taiwan, there’s plenty available on Ruten so if you find a seller in Taipei you could ask to try a Jacket before buying.

It just so happens that my local shop sells some sportful apparel. Maybe if there’s a distributor here in Taiwan. I can have him order it for me.

Thanks for the suggestion Ibis.

[quote=“ranlee”]I’m going to revive this thread. I’ve hit a road block in terms of buying a fall/winter soft shell jacket.

My budget is anything from 4000-6000NT

Castelli Gabba (4700NTD)

According to reviews from cycling websites and chain reaction, the gabba is the best bang for your buck and lives up to the hype. My friend just bought it and says it’s amazing. Last weekend when it was around 16 degrees in the morning and around 19 degree at noon, he wore the jacket over his bib shorts and no base layer. This is at the top of my list, however, the only issue is I think everyone I know is wearing the gabba.

Velobici Guilder Long Sleeve Jersey (6400NTD, but can maybe get it for cheaper if brought back from UK)

This jersey isnt’ really a soft shell jacket, but according to a reliable source, it can act as one. The material is thick and breathable, but pretty sure it’s not wind proof, only water resistant. Waterproof is something I can fix with my vest or rain jacket though. Downfall here is it does not have a butt flap like a jacket.

Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket (8100NTD)

I know this jacket is above my budget, I originally didn’t want to include Rapha, but it seems like a viable choice due to it’s pretty good reviews and…well, it’s black. I do like that it does have the pockets and the butt flap. Only down fall here is the price and it’s Rapha.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or feedback they can give me on the ones I’ve chosen?[/quote]

The Gabba got great reviews, and if you wanna start a team with your riding mates go with it as it gives you bang for buck!

Good looking and quality alternatives to the three you mentioned above:

Isadore: Look great and got good reviews for quality
LaPassione: Also looks great and got great reviews
Pas Normal Studios: New Danish Company, also got good reviews and look very good! … cket-navy/

Also the Sportful Fiandre is on sale amongst other on wiggle

Bump. @ColT wants to talk about cycling apparel :smiley:

I’ve heard good things about Assos, but amongst my club and those that I see on the road. I don’t actually see many Assos apparel. Last time I checked, it’s priced just as much as Rapha, but I guess it’s as flashy?

I went and bought a pair of Red White bib shorts (the Bib) for around 4900NT about a year ago and they were quite possibly the best investment I’ve made.

A friend sold me his pair of Rapha Lightweight Bib Shorts for really cheap (retail is around 5300NT on the Rapha website), so I can safely say, they’re in the same category.

After a few wears, still like my Red White bib shorts. If it wasn’t for how cheap the Rapha bibs were, I would be re-selling them. Honestly, it just shows you have to be some kind of perfect Rapha physique/figure to wear their apparel. I’ve ordered a few things from them and they never…ever fit.

Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone who can recommend a store where can we order a customized cycling jersey?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Vanne,

I don’t think there’s specific stores that do customized jerseys, there’s some companies that specialize in it though.

Try Googling these companies/jersey makers CCN, Champion System, EALI, Monton, Atlas, BAISKY and ALE.

I have had customized jerseys from the first three and EALI has the most options in terms of customization.

Some major brands such as Castelli can also do customized jerseys, I’ve never seen a customized jersey by Castelli in Taiwan, but it doesn’t hurt to be the first!

Hi Ranlee,

Thanks a lot!

Hi Vanne, in addition to the list @ranlee has made, perhaps you can look at Tineli. I haven’t tried their stuff personally but I did randomly bumped into two of the area managers around the hills of Adelaide and managed to have a chat to both. They do sponsor a fair bit of cycling clubs and were the sponsors of Team Budget Forklift, an Aussie Continental team thats since shut down, so their stuff should be pretty decent.

Question 1. What’s up with the caps inside the helmets? Is this purely a fashion thing or is there something useful going on here? I’m against anything that would work against cooling your head so I probably would never do this. But still, when I was riding yesterday, sweat kept getting into my eyes and burning them. I was in my aero bars for most of the ride which made things worse. So are the caps to help with such issues, or again is it purely a fashion thing?

Question 2. Are the bibs better than normal cycling shorts? Again, it seems like it would be hotter so I would tend to stay away, but maybe there’s something going on here I’m not aware of.

Q1. It is both fashionable AND keeps your head warm during winter/sweat out of your eyes during summer. It does everything! It isn’t aero though :wink:

Q2. Are you referring to lycra bibs? Lycra ain’t hot :). Or should I say, they’re hot on the right person!

I think I’ll still pass with the cap. Regarding the bib question, yes, the cycling bib shorts. So much more material and then your shirt over that. It seems like it would be hot. Maybe okay for the winters here.

If you prefer something to soak up sweat, go with a headband. The head band could be cheaper and of course, less material means less of your head is covered to cause rise in heat. I’m sure Decathlon will have something cheap and not make your head explode from heat.

If you do buy a hat, just make sure you look at the materials label! For example:

100% cotton is great for keeping your head warm and soaking up sweat, but a no no for insulation.

Try looking for a a material make up that’s similar to your jersey. Materials such as nylon or polyester with some elastane. Only example I could find is Rapha. FYI do not spend anything close to this much for a hat if you plan on buying one.

IT COULD also be your helmet is not well insulated (doesn’t have enough holes) resulting in your head heating up and thus…sweat.

Once you go bibs, you won’t go back to shorts. In order for shorts to stay on you, it’s snug around the hips, thus, your beer belly sticks out in any aero position. Whereas bibs uses the straps to keep them from slipping. Most bibs will cover that beer belly and for the better lack of words, so none of it is hanging out.

It will feel very very weird at first when you try it on because the last time you wore overalls you was probably those hideous jean overalls mom made you wear back in grade school. Knowing where you grew up in the states, you know I’m right. :smiley:

You won’t really feel the difference when it comes to them being too hot. Lots of the materials on the bibs from the waste up will be very well insulated.

Check out REMA who does have a retailer in Taipei (over by Jian Tan) and also having a 30% off sale. They may have your size! You can also order online and do exchanges if you don’t like it or need to exchange sizes. I have a pair of their tier 1 (ㄧ級) bib shorts and they are awesome for the price tag.

You can also look into Atlas and Frontier for other options in the same price range.

I know you’re tight on budget with the kids as well as saving for those new wheels, but make sure the bibs you’re buying are at least 2000-2500NT range. Do not, I repeat, do not buy bibs from Decathlon. If they are your only bib and you’ll be wearing them during your 40km riverside loops 2-3 days per week, they will rip in about 8-9 months.

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I hope this was a general statement and not something directed at me personally.

Moderators! I want to report this.

Bib shorts every time. They stay in place. Never, ever heard anyone suggest that they are too hot.

Cotton cap (casquette) every time. Fits snugly under helmet. Useful peak if low sun. Keeps sun off balding head. Improves life of helmet pads. Can be soaked in cold water if especially hot. Can be useful if you get caught short. (Ask Greg Lemond :wink: )

You want to report the moderator to the moderator. An endless cycle you have just embarked on. :smiley:

General statement indeed. I saw your pics when you came in 1st overall in your duathlon. Beer belly was nonexistant.

Something like this instead of the cycling cap may suffice:

Thanks! I got 1st in the sprint triathlon for my age group. Definitely not 1st overall. But I’ll take it. Actually, not to brag too much, but I would have placed in every age category (some groups with large numbers had 1-5 places and I would have come in 4th for a couple of the groups and better for all the other groups). This made me feel really good and not so old!

That looks like it would be perfect.

I think you’re imagining lycra to be like a rubber wetsuit material of sorts… lycra is thin and breathable and definitely not hot :). When you’ve gained a few kgs, it’s too thin at times :fearful:

Yeah, I think I’ve had to turn away more than once when riding behind someone with the sun shining down on that material.

I hope people now will show me the curtesy I used to show others when the follow my lard ass :sob: