Cycling around Taiwan for charity - join us for a section

A group of 5 of us is riding around Taiwan for a local charity, the Red Heart Association, starting this Thursday from the British Council Offices on Xinyi Road, Taipei after a press conference at 2pm. Taipei Times readers may have seen an article about it - it’s still on their website at: … 7692/print

We have a star member of the team in Huang Jin-Bao, a now infamous Taiwanese cyclist who rode around the world with his family in 2002/2003.

We’ve already picked up 3 extra riders for the whole trip from the Taipei Times article and a talk we did at the British Council. Another cyclist chatted to us pulled up at traffic lights and will be joining us for a while on the first day.

All are welcome to join us for any section of the ride. There will be cyclists joining us around the island recruited by the Giant Foundation (Cycling Lifestyle Association).

Our basic itinerary is:

Thurs 15th Tapei - Hsinchu
16th Hsinchu - Taichung
17th Taichung - Ming Hsiung
18th Ming Hsiung - Kaohsiung
19th Kaohsiung - Tsao Pu
20th Tsao Pu - Taidong
21st Taidong - Yu-li
22nd Yu- Li - Hualian
23rd Hualian - Dong Ao
24th Dong Ao - Pin Lin
25th Pin Lin - Taipei

Aside from day 1, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hualian (for reasons obvious from next paragraph), we will be starting at around 7 - 8am, after-party days will be 9am.

Donations/ sponsorship gladly recieved. Details of the charity on request.

For those whose arm (drinking) muscles are better exercised than their legs, there are parties at Hsinkong Mitsukoshi (7pm) and The Londoner (9pm) in Taichung, Kaohsiung Harbour Love River Restaurant (7pm) and DNA (9pm) in Kaohsiung, Hualian Railway Park (7pm) and in the Brass Monkey Taipei (as soon as were ready for the pub) when we return. T shirts and other stuff are on sale and there are bikes, gloves and drinks to be won at these events.

Hope to see some of you. Email me at if you’re interested or want any other information. We will be doing brief updates on ICRT at around 8.30 am daily and there will be an interview in the China Post this Friday.


Has been said before I am sure - but I hope you guys have the appropriate visas or else you may end up being met by Mr P Chen down south and your journey cut short

Maybe we’ll keep a low profile in Taidong!