Cycling etiquette question

I yell “on your left!” and “thank you” as I pass

Yes, always. I’ve had a group of ladies push past me and when I stepped on it to pass them, they dug in and passed me in turn. When I stopped to puke, they thanked me and told me to have a good ride.


Hahahaha been very close to that myself. Had to fight it back for ten minutes while trying to get in as much air as I could. Terrible feeling.

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Just slowly pass them. No really need to exchange greetings, unless you know them!

I know overseas it’s frowned upon and the etiquette is to give your domestique a heads up. However, in Taiwan, you just follow along. It’s very likely you get dropped :laughing:.

I usually do this during races/sportivs and if I do catch them, I tend to just wheel suck them for as long as I can. If someone were to do this to me, I’m completely ok with it as I always do it to others :laughing:.

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I didn’t realize shouting “On your left!” was an ettiquette faux pas.