Cycling from Taipei to Yilan

Thanks, will take a look at the beach path.

Can you link the Old Caoling bike tunnel? I can’t find it anywhere… there is 1 tunnel here looks pretty easy 25.023992, 121.783569 (type this in google maps)

[quote=“triceratopses”]Done my map, its sexy as hell

Any foreseeable problems?[/quote]

The tunnel on the 106 is wide and straight with a fair-sized lane on both sides. It’s fairly short, which means you can see from one end to the other. Reflectors on the back and flashing lights are always a good idea, but watch out for the occasional scooter punk racing team. :slight_smile: They seem to congregate at the tunnel entrance on the Yilan side. However, they are late risers. Which reminds me: Leave early enough so you can get across the 106 tunnel (high point of the ride) before 9:00 a.m. as traffic to the coast builds up after that on weekends. If you plan on riding it during the week, traffic is fairly light, in my experience. It’s a great road. Have fun!

Thanks. Yep, i think the coordinates i listed are that exact tunnel… looks easy… i dare em to hit me i’d love the free bike upgrade