Cycling glasses that self-tint


I headed out early yesterday when it wasn’t yet fully light outside. Then about halfway through my ride, the sun came out strong. I think self-tinting glasses would be ideal during fall and winter months. Do you know where I can find some? I would prefer a physical location because I want to try them on.


What you’re after are photochromatic lenses. All of the bigger brands will have those lens available, but not sure about local brands.


What Liub said. Photocrhromatic lenses. The brand I use is Tifosi. Kind of a mid-range (price wise) line of sunglasses. I use them for mountain biking, road cycling, driving, walking, whatever.


Do you know where they are sold? They look pretty decent from what I saw on the internet.

I wonder if Ziv has cycling glasses with photochromatic lenses. I know one store where they have a decent selection. And I’ve seen some good cycling glasses at Giant (their own brand), but I have no idea if they have a variety that tints when exposed to UV rays.

Edit: It looks like this 光致變色鏡片 is how you would say photochromic lens in Chinese. I’ll try a search later.


you can find them on Most of their glasses have interchangeable lenses. So, you can swap them out for say blue tinted, smoke, red, etc…

Also, if you do buy these, do not clean them with anything but water and soap. Mine got wet from some whisky once and were ruined. So, dont use alcohol wipes for them. Soap and water only.

The pair I have with the photochromatic lenses are the Dolomite 2.0. I also have Duro’s, but use those mostly for Mountain biking. I have a wide brim and since these have adjustable nose pieces they fit great. I’m not really into the super sporty looking sunglasses, but they do have a large amount of those types too.


I saw some in one of the Taipei department stores that had a Giant franchise within. That was a few years ago…