Cycling Goals 2022

Hit my goal of 10.000km on December 20th. Debating about trying 12k km next year.



I’ve only had 6 months to ride this year. 46 rides, 1980 km, 26928 m, 109,5 hours. I should ride a bit tomorrow to round those numbers a bit.

I didn’t set any goals. For next year I just want to not get injured.


Everyone looking really good rounding out the year. I’ll give some time to let everything sink in and give some thought before I open up a 2023 riding goals thread. Curious to see what you guys have planned with the borders opening up worldwide.

Or maybe not.

Our daughter has locked the door of the room where we store the bikes and we have tried everything to no avail. We don’t really know where the keys are, probably inside that room.

We’ll have to call for a locksmith tomorrow.


My ‘maximizing’ elevation gains on my routes got my 2022 stats up to 194,540 meters climbed— but probably 30% came from indoor rides so it is quite inflated.

I did the Buddha Hand route twice, with the last one was about a week ago and oddly the worst numb toes “pain” came on the final descent after 12pm rather than at 6:30am. I guess 2 attempts is more than enough for a lifetime.

I targeted the “Wimp Climb” for my best climbing effort since not every semi-pro and their momma does that route. I was able to get top 29 overall and the #10 spot in my 35-44yo category…although next year I will get pushed ‘over the hill’ to 45+yo category :upside_down_face:



I had quite a weak sauce year with distance, even though the number of activities is average for me. I’m happy to blame the nonstop rain in the last 3 months here in Taipei.

2022 was also the first year since 2016 that I haven’t climbed over 100k in meters. I guess that can happen when you only visit Wuling once and have no races to train for. Life may catch up to me in 2023, so I’m hoping to do some crazy things and will share in the 2023 riding goal thread…soon.