Cycling in taipei


If you live in Taipei, and you like to bicycle, you may want to check out

There are groups of cyclists (mostly road at the moment) doing rides most afternoons and every weekend from Tien Mu. Some cyclists ride up from down town (hardcore!).

If you haven’t made it out into the Yangmingshan hills yet, you’re missing the best part of Taipei! Beautiful roads, very few cars, gorgeous scenery. Very hilly, but once you get used to riding slowly, it’s not a problem…

Feel free to e-mail me any specific questions you might have about riding around Taipei (

Hope to see you out there!



Or you could just join the Mormons…


Also see Focuses more on rides in south Taipei (Muzha, Xindian, Wulai).


I personally like hacking a butt as I careen through the traffic in Taipei hurling out invectives at the countless scooters, cabs, blue trucks, and buses that seem intent on killing me. I’m actually considering donning a helmet, although I fear this may detract from the buzz I get from rush hour and contemplating my own mortality.


Agree with Boots. A bike is clearly the best way to move around Taipei and get your adrenalin levels up when it doesn’t rain.

When it does rain, I prefer an old taxi with a binglang-chewing driver that hasn’t slept for 30 hours and has a small DVD screen next to the steering wheel showing DVD’s of China’s mighty landscape to keep him awake. Because it does. Tears stream down his face when he thinks of the motherland he misses so dearly, making him see as little of the road as if he really was asleep.

That ride was a blast and even more of a rush than biking through the crowded streets in rush hour usually is.


Yup! Bikes are great transpo, even with a helmet (though you risk looking like a mormon).
I prefer to zip down the back alleys and terrorize pedestrians on the sidewalks myself. You really need a bell better than the ‘ching ching’ kind so they can hear you coming. One of my pals has something akin to a ‘fluglehorn’ on his. Needless to say, I’m jealous, as I have to suffice with the ‘ching’ or ‘chicken noises’.


Why bother with a bell when you can just scream “get outta the way!!!” or “look out jackass!!!” at the top of your lungs whenever someone gets in your way or does something stupid? A tinny little “ding ding” pales in comparison to the sheer terror one can generate with the human voice and a bit of speed.
I just wish I chewed the 'nut so I could spit red juice at pedestrians and cabs while flying on my battered Giant and dangling a burning Mild 7 from my stained lips…that would be pure magic. gawd, I love it here!