Cycling paths maps of the Nortcoast

Hi Folks,

Is there anything online ? I have been looking for a while but found nothing interesting. Any links, even in Chinese, would be great.


Do you mean dedicated bike paths around Taipei and Taipei county? There’s only one short 20km path around Fulong on the Northeast coast, and a short 8km or so around Baishawan. The rest is road cycling.

I don’t know of anything specifically for the north coast, but these cover all of Taiwan. They’re pricey, and they don’t fold up small, but they’re very well made and just the right scale for cycling. My main gripe about them is that elevation profiles are only provided for a few selected routes; for the rest you have to go by the contour lines and elevation color-coding.

Of course, as you can see from the website, they’re all in Chinese. Also, they’re really hard to find: I had to special-order them through the Dunnan Eslite.

Yes, I mean those. I believed there were more than those two segments.

Yes, I mean those. I believed there were more than those two segments.[/quote]

Sorry, again your post is not clear. Along the coast yes there are only a few sections ready. The new taipei city gov is building a 100km coastal bike path but it is not complete. You don’t need a map just go to Fulong. Btw, there are a number of paths in Ilan but that is not the northcoast. There are also plans for a path from Bali down to Hsinchu but according to all reports it is not ready except in a few places (despite what news reports and the government say).

Within Taipei and New Taipei City are about 300km of bike-only riverside paths. You can pick up a map for these at the main train station visitor centre on the ground floor. You can also get the map online but I’m sure you want a real copy.