D.I.Y. Pasta Restaurant in Danshui

… D.I.Y. PASTA …

Do you live in Tamshui b[/b]? Maybe you’ve just arrived on the Tamshui b[/b] Holiday Resort MRT Express and realised that it’s more hectic than the chaos you were escaping from in Taipei.
Are you sick of getting stuck eating fish balls and BBQ squid in the overcrowded, hot and sticky night market. Maybe that’s for you the first time, but the second and the third…

Try D.I.Y. Pasta in Tamshui b[/b]. Come out of the MRT and take a right through the underpass towards the night market on the opposite side of the road from the MRT (Note: this is not the market area on the left side of the road and closest to the harbour). Go straight up the main market street up the hill and try not to get killed by any errant students on scooters. Reaching the end of the road and the intersection(less than five minutes walk), take a left at the convenience store, walk 20 metres and you will find us on the right.

This authentic European style establishment (I’m a co-manager and chef there and I’m not Italian although people keep accusing me for some reason, must be the fair hair, light skin and blue eyes!!!) has all the best pasta you can find at prices you can’t find in dubious overpriced establishments downtown.
140 NT will get you the works. All the ingredients are prepared fresh and daily.

You choose from our menu of about 40 options, Western size portions . You will have NO RICE IN YOUR PASTA IF YOU DON’T WANT IT. This isn’t Taiwanese hybrid noodle type pasta. We keep it lively with a mouthwatering special every week.

Dine in our clean and fresh restaurant in peace with aircon and some cool music. You will like it.

… D.I.Y. PASTA …

headhonchoII, seeming though you’re giving your joint a free plug here, you should offer a 20% discount for those who go into you establishment an say :
“hey xiaojie, I heard about DIY pasta on segue.com” How about it?

You can tell the guys who’ve been around a while :smiley: … The discount is in the quality of the food.

I was out in Danshui yesterday and thought I’d give the place a try. It’s not bad. The pasta is firm enough, and the chicken bread things they serve are pretty good. The best thing about it is that you can choose exactly what you want, and therefore avoid ingredients you don’t like, choose the amount of sauce, cheese, etc. And it’s not too expensive. All in all, I liked it.