D1 - Taichung - Feb, 2007

I have heard word from multiple sources that the REAL D1 will be coming to Taichung early Feb, 2007… My guess is it will be at Ming-Su-Chun (sp?) - I remember they were building a drift track there, but no idea what has happened after that…

anybody know how/where to find more details? any knowledge if this rumour is true?

**for those who don’t know, D1 is the Japanese Drift Championships… getting those cars sideways all day :smiley:

It would be cool to see actual drivers in control of their car in drift as opposed to seeing the locals here drift intentionally and unintentionally all over the place…!

Just to confirm… the US D1 group were useless in helping find out more info… but THIS was on the official (JP) D1 site:


Scroll down to “D1 Grand Prix All Star Match”… viola! Taiwan…

I have just sent an email to them requesting more information

Hmm…I’d definitely check it out. I saw three past D1 events at Irwindale in California, including the “all star” demo run concurrently with a JGTC exhibition. They were very slick and well attended but the track was ultra high speed and only had one judged turn. I assume the track here would be smaller and I hope more technical.

I used to drift an AE86 at Club4AG’s Drift Day events at Irwindale and California Speedway and later an S14 at Buttonwillow through private-events.net back when it was just a random bunch of weekend drifters on an email list. I’m back to driving an AE86 in Taiwan…only been to the track once here though. Anyone else?

i used to muck around with drift a little back home, but i wouldn’t say i’m anywhere near good ~_~ not to mention that it was several years ago

well… a quick update… from GTR magazine (January Edition) (translated by my student)… they’re still deciding where it’s going to be held, and what time… which means, typical of here, it’s gunna be a decision at the final moment~

this sux, as I will be going no doubt if I can find out where it is~

Did this ever hapend? Or will it ever hapend?

It never happened… it got cancelled for some reason, and I haven’t heard anything about it being re-organised…