Da Vinci Code

Currently reading this gripping novel, but came across a load’a words I dun na understand:

Crux gemmata
clef de voute
sabrys axe
castigo corpus meum

Anyone know what these mean?

Crux gemmata - a cross bearing thirteen
gems and a Christian ideogram for Christ and His twelve apostles

prelature - the office or station of a senior clergyman

senechaux - Chateau Des Senechaux, belonged to Arche de Bourdeille and his wife Jacquette de Montbray (whose bronzes are mounted on the doors of the Chateau).

clef de voute -

sabrys axe - no idea. some kind of specialized medievil weapon i would assume

caducei - the symbolic staff of a herald; a representation of a staff with two entwined snakes and two wings at the top

sistrum - an ancient musical instrument, kind of like a rattle in shape combined with the idea of a modern tambourine

castigo corpus meum - castigo = reprove, chasten, punish, chastise/ check, restrain, corpus = corpse, meum = mine

Crux gemmata–isn’t this the swastika?

sabrys axe–a wordplay on “abrasax”?

castigo corpus meum–corpus means “body,” so I beat myself. (And like it!)

The book is full of lies, by the way. You think the Catholic Church covers up the truth? Wait 'til you see what the New Agers are capable of!