Daikon – Where to buy?

In a quest for authentic japanese shabu-shabu, one needs to add daikon to the ponzu sauce. Anyone know of a market that carries daikon (usually seen in glass jars, though also possible to find in plastic pounces)? Many thanks!

As far as I know, daikon is bai luobo (白蘿蔔) in Chinese and can be found in just about any supermarket or traditional market. I see the fresh version all the time at Wellcome in the vegetable section.

The kind in glass jars that you mention, is that picked or something?

Daikon, the vegetable, may very well be bai luobo (白蘿蔔). I must find the Japanese variant in a jar for shabu shabu, and not just the vegetable. It is different, perhaps pickled it seems, or with some other minor ingredient added. Making by hand with what’s available at a Wellcome (turning into puree, pickling, etc) would be a very last option.

Even a bottle of Japanese ponzu sauce was not exactly easy to find in Taipei, for a culture that still reveres the Japanese in many ways.

Best places for pickled imported Japanese daikon in Taipei.

  1. Matsusei supermarket. The main store in the basement, at the corner of Xin Yi Road and Xin sheng south road has a great selection of imported Japanese goods. The other smaller branch stores have Japanese items, but not so many. Matsusei is a local high end chain supermarket.

  2. the supermarket in Mitsukoshi department store. Across the street from main train station. There is a concession that sells all sorts of yummy Japanese pickles in huge buckets.The seller is not in the supermarket, but on the same floor and right in front of the the cashiers. You can try before you buy. Of course, the Mitsukoshi supermarket also has a good selection of Japanese canned, pickled goods.

  3. some of the local wet markets will have sellers with buckets of locally made pickled/preserved vegies. I’ve seen giant buckets of preserved daikon. But don’t know it that’s what you want.

4)Stay away from Wellcome. Matsusei and Mitsukoshi offer a much better selection of Japanese imports, western imports too.
For fresh daikon? Every supermarket and vegetable market in Taiwan sells it.