Daily Horoscopes

Enter your date of birth in your profile to have your Zodiac sign and Chinese horoscope symbols appear under your name. Click on the little pictures to read the iVillage daily reading :slight_smile:

So now you know my birthday, can I expect a hugh present ?

Who else is unsurprised that Gus is a virgin and a monkey ? :smiling_imp:

Don’t click on those icons unless you have a pop-up killer. I’ll only do it home where I use Mozilla from now on.

The only problem is that it doesn’t take into account us folks born on a cusp.

[quote=“Durins Bane”]The only problem is that it doesn’t take into account us folks born on a cusp.[/quote]It also doesn’t take into account people born under the sign of Ophiuchus (30 Nov to 17 Dec), and and the dates are all wrong anyway. The sun goes through 13 constellations in a year, (the moon and planets can be in any of 21 constellations).

Pisces 12 Mar to 18 Apr
Aries 19 Apr to 13 May
Taurus 14 May to 19 Jun
Gemini 20 Jun to 20 Jul
Cancer 21 Jul to 9 Aug
Leo 10 Aug to 15 Sep
Virgo 16 Sep to 30 Oct
Libra 31 Oct to 22 Nov
Scorpius 23 Nov to 29 Nov
Ophiuchus 30 Nov to 17 Dec
Sagittarius 18 Dec to 18 Jan
Capricorn 19 Jan to 15 Feb
Aquarius 16 Feb to 11 Mar

I think being born on the cusp is the least of your worries

instead of horoscope why not humorscope from www.humorscope.com
:laughing: :laughing:

instead of some moon and mars stuff, I find it a humorscope a better way to start a day.

Fluffy, your dates for each horoscope looks a bit off to me. From what I know, most, maybe all, horoscope starts on either the 21st or 22nd and end around those time as well. For example, for cancer, the month should be June 21 - July 22.

Please correct me if I am wrong, I just don’t wanna mix up my horoscope since for the past 26 yrs, I’ve been know as Cancer. :unamused:

My point is that what we call horoscopes are all a bit off. Those dates are when the sun is in each constellation. You’re right, most of them are weeks off when astrology says they are. Astrology even has one missing (9 whole constellations missing for measuring the position of planets)

Makes you wonder how reliable it can be. Then again, they usually say something like “If you are careless with money today, you may regret it”, How insightful is that !!


Can you calculate my bio-rhythms too, so that I (and maybe everyone else too) can see how well I’m performing today.

Perhaps you could even create some kind of ‘amalgamator’ that will forecast the overall outlook and attitude of the poster, so that the rest of us can decide at a glance whether we want to bother reading the post?

Girls, please also specify, er, where you are on your cycle.