Daily Online Chinese Group Class

:star2:Daily Online Chinese Group Class for complete beginners :star2:
Curious about the Chinese language?
Or you don’t have the chance to come to Taiwan or China?
10 hours investing in yourself, open a new word getting to know #Chinese language.
Follow a professional and easy-going teacher.
Learn more about the inside Chinese cultures.

:pencil2:Course Date
Start on 2020/4/6
April. 6th – April. 20th
16:00-18:00 every Mon & Fri

90USD (for 10 hours)


Topic: Casual Social Chinese
Pinyin Pronunciation
How to do self-introduction in Chinese?

Topic: Shopping Chinese
How to ask for price or shopping in Chinese?
Topic: Restaurant Chinese
How to order or read the Mandarin menu?

Topic: Location Chinese
How to ask the position of objects.

Topic: Medical Chinese
What do you need to know when go to see a doctor?
How to describe your feeling?

:star2:For Complete beginner learner! :star2:

:arrow_right:PM us to register.

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