Daily Photos 2017


Yilan-ders, using black magic to mind control Universiade committee. Confirmed.


It’s just the first step towards Yilan’s indipendence and unavoidable world domination.


Our K9 team :heart_eyes:


In that last shot, the dog is “at attention” in more ways than one.


Always ready to spot drugs, bombs and bitches! (I love the fact that when talking about dogs it’s 100% correct to use that term)


I call this one, “Got lost buying breakfast”


“Runway to heaven”


Taipei 2017 Universiade - 世大運 - Ukraine vs France - 烏克蘭 vs 法國 by Thomas "Bis" Passarini, on Flickr

I’ll never manage to process all images from the Universiade, I still have too many. There’s no hope.


Do give it your best. Nice memories.


You still keep in touch with the volleyball girls?


Sort of, right now they’re in Kazakistan or some other Whateveristan for the world championship qualifier. Meng Hua didn’t go, though, she has to take care of the arm injury and will have a meeting/speech with fans in Kaohsiung tomorrow.
I have some of their FB/Line contacts, but until the regular volley season (end of October IIRC) I don’t have much to do for volley.
I think I’ve processed all images from the Taiwanese team, I might still have some that I reckon are a bit:“Meh” so I’m in no rush to process those.




Sup, dawg?


crossing by Dr. Milker, on Flickr


That reminded me I “caught” a friend of his a few days ago. See the lightning on his back?


Mine is more literate, though. He lives in the University of Education, his social status (among reptiles) is maximum.

How big was the one in your pic? Mine was fairly large, I don’t often see lizards that big strolling around, especially in the city.



Large. I’d say a size 40 men’s size shoe.


so that’s 7.5 in American shoe size? 25cm, almost as long as a ruler.