Daily Photos 2018


Fun fact: i wanted to show some photos to a client on the phone, so I transferred them via wifi from my camera. He told me that he has never managed to connect his phone to his camera and asked me if i could show him how to set it up. He already had the Eos app on his smartphone, so easy peasy.
Luckily that client isn’t very familiar with English, or my camera’s wifi named TURDZILLA might have raised some eyebrows.


why did you add the dog, for a 100% contrast with the hottie above it?
Next time, please add some more pics of chick surfers.



I took more pics of cute doggies than of hot chicks…


How about Doggos on Surfboards?


None 8(

I think it’s also worth noting that out of 500+ people in the water, maybe 30 were surfers, the others were blatant posers who were just floating around trying to look cool to impress some of the doggies on the beach.


Why do I have a mental Image of a shore, packed with posers on surfboards, that somewhat similar to this?:


It was exactly like that, just with far more people. Mostly dudes, fishing for some meimei.
I was on the shore taking pics and there was a guy that was constantly on my way because he was sitting on his board no more than 10 meters away from the beach. Literally 0 waves there, he was just floating around and looking at other people. My guess is that he was aiming at a very pretty girl in a white costume but she was surfing very well and very far from the beach, so he probably cucked out and decided it was too hard to even try.


Cute surfer chick, but she needs bigger flotation devices…for safety, of course.


When I go the seaside I always notice a severe lack of flotation devices. It’s really concerning, as well as upsetting.


I hear silicone is lighter than water. :sunglasses:


Is it true, or is it something that silicon producers want us to believe? We will never know…

cave exploring v2.0


The kid obviously has a bright future in Taiwan’s dental industry.


Or Thailand’s tourism industry.




Unfortunately, Jesus no longer posts on this forum…


You guys scared him.


I’m sure he’ll forgive us.



Do you have pics of that girl? For research purpose of course.


At least our legs will be ok. I remember Sean Connery once said that Jesush died for our shins.
Not my best one, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass


Yeah, we scared the bejesus out of him…literally. :grin: