Daily Photos 2018


She was too far 8(


someone needs to bring a telephoto lens when going to da beach


We should start a Fundraising to Equipment you properly

For science.
And remember tripods are for the weak.


I approve this plan. I require more lenses.

Send shekels, thanks.


Good old Hansel dropping truth bombs since well before he was even born. I had never bothered with Instagram in the past, but since in Taiwan many people use it like Facebook and it’s very popular among young people (even more than FB) I decided to join. The stuff I sometimes see published with 6 gorillion likes sends shivers through my sphincter .

I have to notice the lack of updates regarding the Kickstarter fundraiser to provide me with more lenses. How’s the robber…ehm…fundraiser going?


Sometimes I ride, and sometimes I take photos. Sometimes I then put those photos on the seemingly hated Instagram platform. Spot @ranlee.



Isn’t this sky absolutely amazing.


@Icon : the first one is free, but the pics once they start playing and get all sweaty…


Very nice. Made in Japan. Thank you.


I was cheering for Nippon, but Korea won 3-2. Feelsbadman, especially considering Japan made a comeback, was ahead 14-10 in the 5th then lost 19-17.



Not Taiwan but amazing Photo Clear Lake CA. Highway to Hell.



Love and promise and lost all meaning and value.


Not exacly daily, but all in one day … 5 years ago.


The big bowl has some inspection going on I think, press and fire department are there.


And the Criminal investigation Bureau is overrun by the press.


Probably something to do with the Canadian murder case. 6 satellite news cars.



Taidong today


Wow that’s nice. I wish I could see that