Daily Photos 2018


I feel the same about tamales


Songshan 6:30 am


Thought that was a woman until I saw the arms. :hushed:


The vast majority of woman I’ve encountered have arms, do you mix with a weird subset?


Are you talking about the pig or the butcher?


So you’ve encountered a minority without arms?

Uh…pigs don’t have arms.


Well, I would bet that a female is more likely than a male to look so damn happy at 6:30am, so I can relate.

The dude in the pic is unreasonably happy for that time of day, imho. I kind of want to slap him now, and it’s nearly 20:30.





Why is he wearing a helmet to play Pokemon?


I could be wrong, but I think it’s some racing video game.


It’s a picture of me in bed . Sleep safe :slightly_smiling_face:


Always wanted a race car bed.


I’m afraid to ask why you sleep with a helmet on…


To deflect the ridicule and oppression from forumosans … mm help ! Hoping when I remove said helmet , I will wake up looking like the Adonis Buddha :smirk:


Much respect for race drivers if that steering wheel is a typical size. I would die pretty fast if I had to use that, probably even in a little Toyota 4-dr 4-cyl. family car. This is more my speed.


"I’m afraid to ask why you sleep with a helmet on… “

Just in case.


Playing Pokemon.


Getting too real this Pokemon Game :smirk: I think I am getting too old …maybe Computer games are the way forward :disappointed_relieved:


It is a Mushroom -shaped helmet. Gives me a feeling of safety.I even wear it when swimming…in Stormy Waters.