Daily Photos 2018


There you go, horny bovine.


Thank you! Had to do something to relieve the swollen udder.


I liked that. Dr_Milker, the horny bovine. It could be the title of one of my DVD’s if they were about Dr Milker and not about these gorgeous, hot, incredible Japanese innocent until yesterday ladies that are a pleasure to see and hear when they get what they need.

If you are a real man and have 100 NT, these DVD’s can be yours tomorrow. Don’t wait for the weekend to wank like a horny cow!!!


Would you be willing to accept an overflowing glass of freshly, uh…squeezed milk as payment for the DVDs?


At the price milk goes in Taiwan that’s an offer to be considered.


Good, because they wouldn’t accept it at the, uh…milk bank. They said it was tainted with something…


So you went to a… uh… milk bank with a glass of… uh… milk, and they said “no, it’s tainted with uh… something”?


Well, it tastes fine to me. Um…




Special @icon edition (I know she likes furries):


The previous pic had Nippon girls, so I’ll add a Korean one, because diversity etc etc


Is she opening her legs?


Well, it was pre-match warmup and stretching, so they sometimes end up in…“unusual” positions.

“Why do you arrive at volleyball matches 1 hour before they start?”



That lady is fine, but hairy is more natural:

@icon can you help me to count her eyes? thanks.


Talk about letting a wolf into the hen house!



Those are nice crispy fried and with some chili powder.


Capaz te veo!


these nice girls haven’t by chance given you the moniker of 怪叔叔 ? If they do, it’s just a term of endearment.


new volleyball season, yay!