Daily Photos 2018


How tender is the Corgi meat? Asking for a friend. :grin:


Tastes like chicken, but cuter!


Big temple parade the other day


That’s not from Taiwan is it?


It’s a Greek thing. The couple (+ the dog) who operate this food van have managed to get pretty close to the original flavor, though the seasoning is a bit different.

It’s pretty good, very glad I found their van. I wish it was a bit cheaper though.


I know exactly what it is and it looks delicious and real. Where where where?


They change place all the time… And I’m not kidding, you need to look for corgyro on facebook, and there you’ll find info about where to find them week by week. They’re in Taipei.


So I’ll probably never run into them. That is very disappointing.



I guess you’re one of the few on here that like volleyball.


my new friend in Shilin



Beautiful picture. Should we give it a title?

“Rainbow in the shit”



the rainbow itself is just fading in the shit, not dirty itself.


Maybe, but mine sounds more artistic.


How about “Rainbow in the Dark (shit)”?


“I looked outside of the window and took a photo”


OK, that’s more zen. You win.


Thought I’d share the progress of my plectranthus tomemtosa. My aunt gave it to me in a very sorry state about three months ago. We’ve come a long way, lil baby!

edit: photos are out of order for some raisin. Last one should be first.