Daily Photos 2018


When I put a title to my photos it’s usually “bird”, “dog” or the date and location. The first time I went to Meihua lake I took photos of many birds but I had no idea what kind of birds they were, so the titles were all “a bird”.
I like simplicity and practicality.


Not very practical to call every bird bird.


Especially the British kind. :grin:


Maybe not practical, but very inclusive. And that’s a good thing, because it’s current year.


If you don’t intend to out your apartment, don’t post pictures taken from your window. The people playing the Where’s this picture game will be able to identify your location within minutes!


Only if there’s some kind of award.


I intended to encourage @hanna149 to cross post the pictures to the thread. It will slow down milker.


I don’t think anyone will really want to bother, but I’ll keep that in mind.


You’d be surprised at the lengths people go to for some milk and cookies.


Wanna milk, cow?


Those pictures look generic enough for being impossible to locate the house IMO.


I’m on lemons now.








You need professional help…in a good way. :wink:


I will stick to the amateurs.


Just make sure to wrap that stick.


You should do the same with your pros!


a bird


A bird with a suitcase


a dog