Daily Photos 2018




that’s WAY too much information…

I think it’s the kind of tiny sausage that icon likes? i personally enjoyed the kid in the background covering his ears because the doggie was too excited due to all the people around it and just kept barking.


You forgot about the cute bell. You’ll never get a job writing photo captions!


and what about the mostly shaved tail, with the tiny bush of hair at the tip?


It’s probably best to keep captions family-friendly.


You mean another.


Apparently everybody has their own taste for sausages.



Not current, but amazing to see the effect of the 1935 earthquake on Taiwan Railtracks.Few old pics here.



[perv] very curious about changes to the landscape when the sun goes down !! /perv]


I was in Taipei and I went to buy a lunchbox. I passed by a small restaurant that had a cute cat statue, so i took a pic of it.

I then went to buy a cup of tea and I passed by a “cat hotel”, and next to the window there was a cat that look exactly like the statue:

What did God mean by this? Will atheists ever recover?


Yes. This is obviously a case of life imitating art.


which one is life and which one is art? how do you define life? wouldn’t a definition of life be a social construct, therefore #notall ? is the cat a good boy, or does the definition of good boy vary based on white Euro-centric patriarcal standards of morality?

Checkmate, sinners.


Therein lies your fatal error. You’ll be going to the patriarchal construct otherwise known as “Hell.”


The cat God is unimpressed by your logic.





the file size limit on the forum would be adequate in 2003…
I need to compress each photo a gorillion times, and more often than not I get trolled into oblivion uploading a 3mb photo, only to find out it’s above the limit by 0.00004in.

@mad_masala if it wasn’t for the file size limit, this thread would be filled with Meimei pics. Just Fyi, something you may want to keep in mind in the oppression thread.


Her chin looks fake.