Daily Photos 2018


That’s where it is from. Lovely short escape from the city.


Lovely pictures!


This is Emerald Valley in Xiulin Township, Not far from Hualien City.


we don’t get this in Yilan, it’s majestic!


Let me get on the horn with my distributor. :sunglasses:


I’m going to post some old pictures…

There’s something homoerotic in them, they are dedicated to @Dr_Milker, I know he likes pictures of old Taiwanese guys.


Not my type, but still appreciated.


the first guy has the creepy Ash look




Interesting tattoo.


Apparently these are on trams in Poland. Idk how Taiwan can help Poland with climate change.


It’s not a real one, only a sticker they apply during matches.


Per the light bulbs, maybe they are saying switching to LED lighting will help. Think I heard somewhere that Taiwan is the world leader in LED production. Just speculating here.


This is not true anymore. My father founded one of the largest LED manufacturing companies on the island. China has stolen a lot of knowledge, especially after many companies opened factories there. He tried to sue but it’s a lost cause for that kind of thing in China. Japan has made more innovations in the tech and Korean manufacturers are also strong. There’s just so many manufacturers these days the market is saturated.


OK, less interesting then. :sunglasses:


Some players have real tattoos. If you have a fetish for young girls with tattoos I can see what I can do this weekend, but I don’t find most of those tattoos to be very interesting…


You had me at fetish for young girls. :grin:





Today at Keelung. Testing the camera’s waterproofing.