Daily Photos 2018


It only took me 6 years to take a photo of the Blue Magpie.


Worth it. That’s gorgeous.


That’s a long time, considering they have no fear of humans. All you have to do is go to a park during mating season. :sunglasses:


In Yilan we don’t have them near towns, or at least I’ve never seen one in any of the several parks in yilan, luodong, Jiaoxi, Dongshan etc etc, feelsbadman. Need to get close to the mountains to start seeing them.


This bird confused me. It was flying up and down the street . Huge wingspan, beautiful. I thought for a moment it may be part of the bird population but just a pet.


They have no fear of humans on bikes too. I almost ran over one last week :open_mouth:


Are we talking about the same kind of bird ?_?




Yes please.



More than a good sleep? So she’ll cook you breakfast too?


and do the laundry!!!


Now if she could just show up at the office and do my job for me too…


Sorry, the patriarchy won’t allow that.


Starting to feel oppressed by my male whiteness again. Would getting a dark tan be considered cultural appropriation?


ththe pic is garbage because smartphone cameras are aids, but is this the bird you guys see in Taipei?


Looks like a 樹鵲 to me.


no idea about the chinese name. It’s still a magpie, the Eurasian Magpie, and the shape is similar to that of the Blue Magpie. It’s mostly black but can have some blue in the plumage. That’s common to spop in cities/towns in taiwan, so when I noticed one today I thought that maybe the kind of magpie you guys notice in Taipei might be this one.


Yeah, you see a lot of those in Taipei. I don’t get them confused…the color is too different, and Blues have much more pimped out tail feathers.


I’ ve never seen one in Taipei, in which area do you see notice them? In the central part and parks, or closer to the mountains/hills around taipei?


During mating season, I’ve seen them regularly at Dictator Memorial Hall and the Botanical Garden.


Thanks, I’ll definitely have a lot at those spots next time I’m in taipei with my gear.