Daily Photos 2018


"Evidence was presented to the Museum by third parties that it is highly likely the animal in the awarded photograph is a taxidermy specimen.

After a thorough investigation, the Museum concluded that the available evidence points to this allegation being true."


“Hey, look at this photo, there’s an anteater next to an ants nest with fireflies around it, and the stars in the sky appear nice and clear. This was clearly a fairly long exposure and/or a composite shot…and the anteater didn’t move at all during the whole time! Isn’t that amazing? The mysteries of nature!”




I see you found an north korean play tunnel.


I’ve just had a couple of ideas regarding where that road may lead to…in the UK I may end up in jail for “grossly offensive humor”.


I couldn’t do that kind of joke there because I don’t have an proper joke-licence anyway.
Edit 2: maybe it leads to an black market?



Yilan Yilluminati #exposed #confirmed


"給我一個讚! 給我一個讚! 給我一個…香蕉 ?_? "

The Asian Games Run in Yilan had some interesting moments.


That’s not my banana…I swear!


It was her banana and she was offering it to me.

I have the weirdest boner right now.



Always stay away from girls with bananas. Unless, or course, you’re into that kind of stuff. :wink:

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Why there…


He’s wearing black underwear, and that’s the poop hole.


I highly suggest to visit the Art expo in Taipei this weekend. There’s some really beautiful stuff on display. It will take me some time to edit the photos of some of the paintings. Best art expo I’ve seen in a while.



Yours doesn’t move either


wot ?_?



oh! I did it!