Daily Photos 2019

Yilan bus station!

that’s some weird plant they have at our library

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Looks a bit like some psychedelic plants similar to gympson weed.


Maybe a variety of this?;

Nothing touched?? Amazing. Back in Australia the whole place would be smashed up, graffitied and destroyed.

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It’s called 唐棉

Those disgusting bulges eventually explode, and seeds start to protrude everywhere:

Thanks, nature!

I’ve never seen it anywhere before in the countryside, the only one I’ve seen is outside of my local library. So odd.

It’s still as clean as that! Later today when i’m back in Yilan I could take another photo to show its current condition.

Sounds like Wednesday afternoon at our place :wink:


Fallen Angel?

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Busy news day in Fuzhong.

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John Lennon fans?

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No idea,but it looks like he/they have a FB page.

No, I didn’t check -_-

Actually not a bad graphic design.

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Are those your weekend beaters?

I don’t like Shooting like Papa did .:wink: Well not animals anyway

Two peoples, separated by a common language. :sunglasses:


I just could not find your definition :wink:

  1. a person who hits someone or something, typically on a habitual basis.

“he is not a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a woman beater”

a person employed to raise game birds for shooting by striking at the ground cover.

“he had regularly worked as a beater on grouse shoots on Soyland Moor”

A beater is a shitty car you drive around when you’re not driving your nice car.